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Broad line of LED Lamps, Drivers, Retrofit Solutions, Emergency Solutions, Controls and Level II & Level III Electric Vehicle Chargers.

Metallic and Non-Metallic Floor Boxes, Covers and Poke Throughs.

Metal and Thermoplastic Wallplates, Weatherproof Boxes and Covers, Steel Box Covers, Conduit Bodies.

Residential & commercial floor heat: rolls, cable & mesh; thermostats and accessories for floor heat applications.

Residential thermal management systems, heat trace & self-regulating cables for pipe freeze protection, roof & gutter de-icing, and surface snowmelt.

LED Retrofit Lamps and Fixtures, 480v Corn Lamps, UVC Light Fixtures for Germicidal Disinfection.

Handy Straps for NM, Telephone & Electronic Cable.

Southern Pipe manufacturers rep

Schedule 40 & 80 PVC Conduit and Fittings, UL listed Cell Core.

Industrial and Commercial LED Light Fixtures.

USI Electric

Smart Technology Smoke, Fire, Carbon Monoxide, Natural Gas detectors, Residential Ventilation Fans, GFI Receptacles, USB Receptacles, Wiring Devices, Wall Plates and Chime Kits.