Raise Your Expectations.

We’re here for you.

Since 1984, Wiltrout Sales has been exceeding customer expectations for the distributors we sell to and the manufacturers we represent. Wiltrout service is attentive, thorough, and cheerful. Our company balances modern innovations with old-fashioned customer care so we can provide streamlined service with a smile.

The only connection you need for the service you deserve.

The Wiltrout Sales Promise:
  • We put our word behind every line we represent.
  • Your needs will be met with courtesy, cheer, and attentiveness.
  • Our dealings are always conducted with the highest integrity.
  • We strive to do it right the first time.
  • Our actions are ours, and we hold ourselves accountable for all that we do.

Wiltrout Sales, Inc, earned the loyalty of customers and manufacturers alike by providing excellent, trustworthy, and thorough service. We never prioritize orders based on their size, treating even the smallest orders with the importance and respect that we show to all of our customers.

When you work with Wiltrout Sales, you can expect the staff to work their hardest for you. Our customers can count on receiving the best product recommendations and the best pricing we can offer, but more importantly, both manufacturers and distributors can always count on honesty and hard work from all of our staff.

Customer Service: support@wiltroutsales.comĀ 

Orders: orders@wiltroutsales.com