Company Goal:

Exceed expectations in everything we do.


We strive to continually provide the very best in teamwork, communication, and integrity.

  • Our personnel work as team members, supporting, encouraging and helping each other.
  • We conduct business in an open, comfortable style based on mutual trust and shared goals.
  • The agency is part of a larger team that includes the manufacturers we represent and the customers we serve.
  • Our success depends upon the success of our customers and our manufacturers.

We are always willing to extend the extra effort necessary to provide for the success of our customers and manufacturers.

Our Word and Our Effort

  • We make every effort to do it right the first time, but if we make a mistake, we acknowledge it and make it right.
  • Our Outside Sales staff will never waste your time.  We will provide you with timely and relevant product updates.
  • Our Inside and Outside Sales staff will always do what they say they are going to do.
  • Our Sales staff is trained to drive business to the distribution network.